Added New Old Poetry Collection

In alphabetical order I’ve uploaded a new poetry collection I wrote in 2010 called ’House of Empty Empire’. I thought today was a good day to upload these poems for two reasons; one because there is a clear sky where I’m at as illustrated in the poem below, and second; there are a few poems written in November this time four years ago. I wasn’t sure if I would share this collection because there are a lot of “I’s” and “me’s” throughout many of these poem’s. I usually try to steer clear of writing in first-person, but it couldn’t be helped because this series is quite personal. These poem’s were written when my wife and I were going through a tough separation.

However there are some good poems in this batch despite the journal entry like approach, that I still thought were worth sharing. Hopefully they can be an encouragement to others going through similar times.

I think my favourite is the last one because it illustrates what could have ended in divorce and a shattered family. It’s about “not pouncing” even though you can. In family courts I’m told this restraint, or rather grace, is not very common. Unlike animals (though in my poem the predator does restrain like a Disney feline), we have a choice to pounce and take the kill, or release faults with an open hand.

The collection is in the left menu or right here: House of Empty Empire

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