1. Back In School

    19 May 2016
    I recently started a letterpress class at Martha Street Studio. Since I’m continually inspired by text, font and all things design, I was of course drawn to this class when I saw it was available . The letterpress also has a rich history. Being invented in the 1400’s, it is responsible for making literature…

  2. I Dream Colour Palettes

    03 Feb 2016
    Years ago I had a productive dream. In this dream I dreamt the layout and colour palette for this website; as well as a stone sculpture I have yet to make. The beige background, the maroon font and the grey menu text were all in my dream I regularly surf the web…

  3. Added New Old Poetry Collection

    13 Nov 2014
    In alphabetical order I’ve uploaded a new poetry collection I wrote in 2010 called ’House of Empty Empire’. I thought today was a good day to upload these poems for two reasons; one because there is a clear sky where I’m at as illustrated in the poem below, and second…

  4. New Photo for Upcoming Show

    22 May 2014
    I just painted a new photo for the series Who Is anonymous b. using the easel I recently got from a local antique store. It’s for the group show called Art Catalogue, coming up June 6th. Here’s the Facebook Event Page for further details:

  5. Uploaded Who Is anonymous b. Photos

    29 Apr 2014
    Since my painted photo’s from the Who Is anonymous b. series were on the walls at Flatlanders Studio for a recent show, I photographed them and upload them to the site today.

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